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I got into doing energy healings professionally after a family member purchased a home that had a lot of problems. They called me because they knew I had been doing clearings for a long time and they needed help. That house was one of the most intense experiences in my career. If I compared it to an education I’d say that’s when I got my advanced degree. After the job was over they were very pleased that their lives were back in order and they suggested I work with people outside my immediate family and friends. While considering the idea I wondered, how would people even know to use my services, especially when I wasn’t looking for a job? It didn’t take long to find a clear direction when I  remembered how hard my own childhood had been living in a house with negative energy. I thought about how difficult it is to buy a house you love and then realize it is filled with toxic residual energy. As I started to really process my gift as a healer a friend asked if I would do a clearing for a friend of hers and I realized I had a real calling. It’s amazing how things work out and I have been helping clients ever since!!!  My intention is for everyone to feel safe and comfortable in their home and place of business.

I happily reside on the California Coast right outside of San Francisco. I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life and enjoy traveling to help clients with their energy healing needs. My husband is from Ojai, California where we spend a lot of time. It’s a wonderful spiritual community. Most of the sage I use comes from Chumash land in the Ojai Valley that my father-in-law worked hard to save from developers. My husband and I have a beautiful son that loves sports and keeps us busy with practices and games. Before starting a family I worked for ten years as a social worker and youth advocate which gave me a solid foundation for working with children as well as individuals suffering with grief. My family and I love to spend our summer vacations in Hawaii which is a great place to go and recharge my energy. I love Hawaii and am very connected to Hawaiian spirituality and culture.

Along with doing healings, I teach Goddess Belly Dance classes and belong to several spiritual circles on the coast. I take many classes and I am constantly continuing my education. I also enjoy doing Tarot readings for friends and clients.  I have completed courses in channeling and belong to a channeling group called The Rainbow Bridge. I also have completed courses in soul portraits and the tarot. I love studying Shamanic practices and also belong to a Dream Circle.

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