Much of my work is done with homeowners, on the recommendation of their realtor or health care provider. I work with my clients to find a way of solving their problems that is respectful of their own beliefs and comfort levels.

I tailor the healing’s around my clients needs. An energy healing is a three stage process; clearing, blessing, and protection. Sage is my preferred way for the clearing. However, for clients who are pregnant or have asthma I would choose a different technique. I respect everyone’s religious or spiritual path and we can incorporate that into the blessing portion of the energy healing. I pride myself on making everyone feel comfortable and safe.

With each house or property there is a story; sometimes that story is known, other times it’s not. During the reading and clearing portion I’m able to pick up information that can be useful in understanding why the energy is off. Sometimes there is a spirit, possibly a loved one, that has a message. Other times it could be a past tenant that hasn’t moved on yet. Whatever the case may be I deal with it in a positive way, with dignity and grace.

Clients don’t have to have spirit activity in their house to warrant an energy healing. It could be a bad break-up or divorce. Even a bad fight can throw off the energy in a home. Energy leaves a footprint and if that footprint is negative it needs to be cleaned.

I recommend anyone moving into a new living or work space, get an energy healing. In order for us to be at our full potential we need our energy intact.

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