These are real testimonials from Rachel’s clients, presented here in full. Because sometimes you need the whole story….

A couple of years ago my husband and I purchased a new home. We were very excited because we had outgrown our previous home and this new home was perfect for our family. As soon as we moved in everything went wrong. Things at the house seemed really off and we had never experienced bad luck in our lives like this before. My husband was very concerned we had just bought our dream home and it was turning into a nightmare. I had heard about Rachel’s services and was interested, but my husband wasn’t so sure at first because of his strict religious upbringing. Then one weekend we had so many things go wrong at the house my husband had experienced enough and said please call her now. When I called she was really sensitive to our needs and respectful of our beliefs. On the day of the appointment my husband and I were nervous, but even though we didn’t know anything about energy healing we could tell she knew what she was doing. In the reading of the property she was spot on about the history of the house. During the clearing the lights were turning on and off at the switch and the chandelier bulbs were flickering on and off. We were pretty freaked, we had lights flickering before but this was more intense. She assured us that everything was going to be fine and it was. Once the clearing was over it stopped and everything felt lighter and different. We have never had a problem in the house since the energy healing. We bring Rachel in once a year for an annual clearing because we like how the house feels and feel like it brings us good luck. My husband is one of Rachel’s biggest fans he refers her many clients and had her do all of our business’s and rental properties.


I got referred to Rachel by a friend who was happy with her services. I had a rental property that was experiencing a lot of tenant turnover and the last tenant told me that his wife refused to be alone in the house and he wasn’t getting any sleep. He told me he thought the house was haunted, I thought he was insane. However, I had a relative that needed a place to live so I gave the place to him and that’s when things became obvious that something was wrong with the house. Right after moving in he was having problems sleeping and felt strange in the house alone. He would invite friends over and no one wanted to be in the house. He told me I had to do something or he felt that no one should live there. I called Rachel and she came out to the house and she took care of the problem. I don’t really know what to say, but it’s changed my view on a lot of things. My relative hasn’t had any problems in the house since and he really enjoyed the whole experience. The reading of the property was amazing and there was no way she could make it up, but being a skeptic we did some checking and she was right. I moved recently and had Rachel come clear that property. I’m very satisfied with her work and will use her in the future.


I live in one of the original homes to be built in the very small, old and historical town of Crockett, CA. I actually have a framed copy of an old black and white photo taken in the early 1900’s, of the street on which I reside, which shows my home, just after it was first built. Many families have lived here, the last of which, as I discovered after I moved in, was involved in large scale drug dealing and tragically, one family member ended up shooting to death another in the front drive way. These facts alone gave reason to obtain the resources of an experienced energy worker, to clear the property of negative energy or spirits. Additionally, I had recently broken off a relation with a girlfriend and needed help to purify the home.

I was very fortunate to be able to obtain the assistance from Rachel Sterling. Rachel is really gifted with having an amazing spirit that is really able to connect with and clear spaces of negative or disturbing energy. She has a very peaceful, insightful, intuitive caring spirit and is really meticulous in her work, extremely professional, maintaining punctuality, and good communications. I highly recommend the smudging, clearing and/or energy work services offered by Rachel. If you just meet and or chat with her, you will know that she is the individual to turn to for help.

– S.C., resident of Crockett, CA

We brought in Rachel to check on some strange happenings (lights going on an off, water in a shower that hadn’t been used) in our house. We had heard from our neighbor who had what he had labeled “negative energy” in his house (there was a person who had been killed at the house in recent history). After he had the clearing done he was very positive that the negative energy had left house.

We decided to give it a try and since my wife is very involved with the local history and
as our house is located where the Costanoan Indians once lived we wanted someone sensitive to the native surroundings. Rachel discussed this with us and being sensitive to the history of the area she informed us that she would be using local sage to help “heal” the house in a clearing ceremony.

The house felt great after it was “cleared” and there have not been recurrences of the happenings since, but if something were to happen again I would not hesitate to have the house cleared by her once more.

– Patrick

I’ve never written a testimonial, but here goes.

Several years ago, I had a favorite relative pass away, and I had her ashes at my place until the final arrangements could be completed. Odd things started happening, lights swaying, baskets moving, like they were being pushed off the table top. A jewelry box went flying off the dresser. Well, my aunt LOVED jewelry, and I was getting pretty creeped out by this point. I asked a friend for Rachel’s phone number, and she came by as planned. She listened to my story and smudged my house, very carefully from room to room. She felt my aunt was ‘active’ because she still had a message for me. Rachel conveyed the message to me, and I was able to follow up on the message, and after the smudging, the activity stopped. All has been quiet and happy ever since. Rachel did come back a month later, for a follow up to the house. I have been really pleased overall, and it was a most memorable hour spent with her. She’s a smart, bright thoughtful and creative woman, very intuitive yet centered and focused on the task at hand. I found her very reassuring. I appreciate her unique gift, and i know she keeps the info confidential and private, which is necessary to be a professional. Thanks again…

– Janine, R.N.

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