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Much of my work is done with homeowners, on the recommendation of their realtor or health care provider. I work with my clients to find a way of solving their problems that is respectful of their own beliefs and comfort levels.

I tailor the healing’s around my clients needs. An energy healing is a three stage process; clearing, blessing, and protection. Sage is my preferred way for the clearing. However, for clients who are pregnant or have asthma I would choose a different technique. I respect everyone’s religious or spiritual path and we can incorporate that into the blessing portion of the energy healing. I pride myself on making everyone feel comfortable and safe.

With each house or property there is a story; sometimes that story is known, other times it’s not. During the reading and clearing portion I’m able to pick up information that can be useful in understanding why the energy is off. Sometimes there is a spirit, possibly a loved one, that has a message. Other times it could be a past tenant that hasn’t moved on yet. Whatever the case may be I deal with it in a positive way, with dignity and grace.

Clients don’t have to have spirit activity in their house to warrant an energy healing. It could be a bad break-up or divorce. Even a bad fight can throw off the energy in a home. Energy leaves a footprint and if that footprint is negative it needs to be cleaned.

I recommend anyone moving into a new living or work space, get an energy healing. In order for us to be at our full potential we need our energy intact.

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Smudging comes from a traditional Native American practice.

Most of the sage that I use is from Chumash land up in the Ojai Valley. That area is very special to me because my father in law worked very hard to save the land from developers and educate people about the Chumash Indians. When I do a clearing I use several different traditions to get the result we desire.

I use many other traditional practices to clear a place of negative energy, according to my reading of the space, and the specific needs of the individual client.

I also specialize in egg spiritual cleansings.


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Tarot & Psychic Readings

Tarot Readings

Rachel Sterling has long been steeped in mystical experience. As far back as childhood she had an open channel to individual spirits and an empathic sense of energy. This intuitive instrument combined with her deep empathy and skilled knowledge has proven a strong alchemy when approaching the Tarot. People do not just walk away from a reading but carry their new wisdom with them, wielding it as a healing tool to align and empower them along their path. In Rachel’s words, “We can deeply heal our souls when we consciously see patterns that no longer serve us in our lives. Tarot provides the insight so we can become more conscious.”

Psychic Medium Readings

Psychic Medium Readings allow clients to communicate with deceased loved ones and friends, and experience closure. Rachel Sterling is a trained liaison between the material and spirit worlds. Imagine going over to someone’s house for tea and being able to tell your beloved how you feel, ask questions and receive answers that you never thought would be possible. It’s a truly beautiful experience. Clients are asked to bring a personal belonging or a picture of the person or persons they want to be channeled, if possible. Rachel Sterling’s ability to communicate with a client’s deceased loved ones is a gift that can provide closeness to loved ones. Channeling friends and family for clients can answer important questions that are much needed for moving on.

Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings can provide information to help people along their life path. Rachel channels her spirit guides to provide clients with insight into important issues in their lives such as  career and love. Whether Rachel is channeling her spirit guides or the client’s spirit guides, the client walks away with new insight to problems or blocks they might be having. Questions asked in psychic readings can vary from “I lost my keys do you know where they are?” to “My dog is missing can you help?” to much bigger issues dealing with life path questions. I will not answer questions about other people when it’s not ethical. For example “Will my ex marry his new girlfriend?” or “Should my son marry his fiance?” I always work for the highest good of all. My readings are always uplifting even if there is hard work to be done.

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Energy Healing

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Rachel Sterling is an energy healer, tarot card reader, and psychic medium from the San Francisco Bay Area. Since she was a child she has been connected to the spirit realm. Rachel feels everyone should live and work in a positive energy space. She has spent the last 30 years doing property energy healings in a variety of different locations and situations throughout the US. Along with property energy healings she is passionate about providing her clients with personal energy healings that leave them feeling empowered and grounded. Rachel believes by creating sacred space where we live and work we are allowing our power and creativity to shine.

Energy leaves a footprint. Living in this residual energy can feel like wearing someone else’s dirty or heavy clothes. Suppose two people are fighting in a room. The fight stops and you can feel the tension in the air. That energy doesn’t just vanish. It’s in the space and on the individuals in the room. Whether an individual can perceive the energy or not they are still susceptible to its effects.

Parents often do not understand that children can be the most sensitive to the different energies in an environment. If you have purchased a home where tragic events have occurred, a cosmetic remodel is not enough to cleanse the energy. The property’s positive energy will need to be restored. Once the energy is healed the whole family will feel a sense of calm and balance.

An energy healing consists of a reading of the property, a clearing, a blessing, and protection. While my method has been refined and perfected over 25 years, every job is unique, requiring an acute sensitivity and individualized approach.

Things that can negatively effect the energy of your home, business, or property:

  • Addiction
  • Death
  • Homicide
  • Miscarriage
  • Suicide
  • Illness
  • Divorce
  • Family Disputes
  • Burglary
  • Bankruptcy or financial problems
  • Remodeling of home or business
  • The removal of trees on a property
  • Any event that is disruptive or negative

When it’s time for a clearing/Symptoms of negative energy:

  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Nightmares
  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Feelings of illness associated with a certain space
  • Feeling like your experiencing a string of bad luck
  • Avoiding your house
  • Avoiding areas of your home

More extreme cases:

  • Feeling like you are not alone
  • Being awakened in the middle of the night
  • Lights flicker or go on and off
  • Unexplained noises
  • Cold spots
  • Seeing things in the house you can’t explain
  • Feeling like the air has been sucked out of the room
  • Tightness in your chest when you’re in certain spaces


Please see a physician for any medical issues.

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Social Work

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I believe my background in social work can be beneficial to clients dealing with suicide, violent crimes and relationship issues like divorce.

My extensive experience working with children and teens has shown that young people respond positively to many of my healing practices.

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Classes, Workshops, & Groups

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Below is a list of the classes I am currently teaching. Get in touch if you’d like to learn!


Energy Healing 101

In this workshop you will learn all the basics and beyond for a successful energy healing of your living space. By removing negative energy from your living or work space you can live a more peaceful life. When people live in an environment free of negative energy they sleep better, experience more prosperity, love, and serenity, and are able to thrive. The techniques we will cover include setting intention, using sacred herbs, sound healing, pendulums, blessings, and protection. Whatever your current spiritual practice you will walk away with new tools to create the world in which you want to live.

Energy Healing 102

Prerequisite: Energy Healing 101
In Energy Healing 102 we will learn more advanced techniques on how to read a property’s past lives and communicate with spirits that reside in these spaces. We will learn basic scrying and how to develop your own psychic symbols, as well as communicating with spirits and helping them to cross over. We will also learn how to navigate through a variety of troubling situations and work through them with skill and grace.

Egg Spiritual Cleansing Class

Come learn the fun and sacred art of egg cleansings. Egg spiritual cleansings have been done by Shamans, Mayans, Native Americans, and indigenous healers all over the world for generations. In this class we will learn how to remove negative energy while cleansing the aura and unblocking stuck energy. This is also a great tool for grounding. You will learn how to do an egg spiritual cleansing on yourself and others. You will also learn how to read the egg during the cleansing. This will provide information into possible energy blocks, health issues, and past injuries where energy might be stuck.

Empath Support Group

We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 7-8:30. At the Pacifica Community Center, corner of Hwy 1 and Crespi Dr. in beautiful Pacifica, CA. We will be collecting donations just to cover the cost of the room. Please know we will never turn anyone away.

Support Groups Mission Statement:

Empath support groups are meant to provide a circle of support for empaths everywhere so we don’t feel alone anymore. They are solution-oriented meetings which educate empaths about their gifts and challenges of their sensitivities. Though it is important for empaths to express their feelings, the group functions best when it remains solution-oriented rather than simply a place to vent.

NOTE: Please do not wear any fragrances to the group. Thank you!

The group is modeled after Dr. Judith Orloff’s workshops and groups. She has done extensive work around empaths because she is one herself and has helped many others with their struggles. See http://www.drjudithorloff.com for more info. Please contact Rachel at 510-207-6974 or email if you are interested.

Goddess Belly Dance Class

Be inspired by the Goddesses of the world. Each Monday learn the history and spiritual significance of a different Goddess. Then learn belly dance movements and practical teachings to honor that Goddess and incorporate their sacred knowledge into everyday life. Please come with an open mind and be ready to try something new. This is a beginner class, no prior experience necessary. Anyone who identifies themselves as female is welcome. 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. Classes held at the Pacifica Community Center.

Energy Healing Classes

Everyone has the ability to clear the negative energy around them. Using a variety of techniques I will teach students how and when to clear spaces and themselves. We will learn clearings, blessings, and protection for a positive healthy life.

Create The Goddess Within You

A fun workshop that explores our strengths and the attributes we desire. We will be using art and journaling to develop and nurture the Goddess within ourselves.

Goddess Parties

This is a great way to celebrate change or letting go of what no longer serves you. You provide the party (women only) and I will teach a Goddess belly dance class with a goddess that fits with the theme of the party. If you don’t want belly dancing at your Goddess party you can use the Create The Goddess Within You workshop instead.

All classes listed above please contact me for information.

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